The UK's architectural bad boy, he was once quoted calling Herzog and de Meuron "Hedgehog and the Moron." Such a quote typifies why he is so appreciated- it's witty, a little uncomfortable but essentially a valid conclusion. His body of work has been designed in the same spirit, with buildings that prove he's never been afraid of a little color, daring expressions or even an occassional "blobby" building now and then.



Peckham Library
(1999) London, United Kingdom

More than just the coolest library in all of England, the Peckham Library has defined a community and given a reason for people who appreciate good design to visit that part of South London. The building is hard to miss, it looks like a giant green tipped over "L" with the word "LIBRARY" sitting on top like a billboard. Community rooms and offices fill the lower floors, while the library itself occupies the top two. Inside three giant, curving wooden pods make the inside almost as much fun as the outside, if that's actually possible.

Click here for the Southwark Council's official Peckham Library page. There's not much there, but there are some directions, telephone numbers, hours- all those things you'll actually need to know to plan a visit


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Alsop Architects
London, UK
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Will Alsop
1947 born Northampton, Scotland, UK
1971 Arch Assoc, London, UK
1990 Alsop and Stormer

2000 RIBA Stirling Prize
2000 Alsop Architects

Publications :

London's Contemporary Architecture: A Visitor's Guide
by Ken Allison
Publisher: Architectural Press (2003)

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Will Alsop 1990-2000
by Kenneth Powell
Publisher: Te Neues (2002)

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